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At Mountain View Animal Hospital we perform a variety of surgeries.  We offer spays, (ovariohysterectomy) in which we surgically remove the ovaries and uterus of a female animal.  We also provide neuter surgeries (castration) in which we surgically removed the animal’s testicles.

We offer soft tissue surgeries such as tumor removal, laceration repair, declaw surgery, biopsy, mass removal, abdominal exploratory surgery and many other surgical procedures involving body systems other than the skeletal system. We also offer orthopedic surgeries such as ruptured ligament repair, management of broken bone and amputations.

With all surgeries, the procedure includes preoperative procedures such as bloodwork, IV catheter placement and fluids, anesthesia, ECG and pulse oximeter monitoring, the surgery, pain management as well as post-operative care.  We also provide several optional pre-operative procedures that you can elect to have done for your animal.  These procedures include an ECG that is sent through the phone line to a board certified cardiologist, a microchip, and radiographs.

We perform surgeries on Monday through Friday.  For more information on spay and neuter surgeries please see our Health Section.


Here at Mountain View Animal Hospital, we are offering basic breeding procedures.  We can collect semen and artificially inseminate your pet.  We send off blood samples to the lab to check progesterone levels to make sure we are breeding your animal on the optimal days.  We have two options available to us to diagnose pregnancy at 35 days following the last breeding: a blood test and an ultrasound.  Usually a week before your animal’s due date, we recommend an x-ray to get an approximate count of puppies or kittens, giving you an estimate of how many to expect so you know when your animal is approaching the end of her delivery.

Dental Treatments-

Mountain View Animal Hospital provides dental treatments for your animal.  Under routine anesthesia we will remove calculus from the teeth and under the gums using an ultrasonic dental scaling unit like the one at your dentist office. We also perform digital dental radiographs on most cases and if necessary and indicated on radiographs, we will extract teeth during the procedure.  After completing the dental we polish the teeth with a special fluoride polish treatment.  Routine brushing with animal-safe toothpaste will help keep your animals teeth in good condition.  We carry a wide variety of animal-safe toothpaste at our clinic.

All dental procedures include the anesthesia, bloodwork, IV catheters and fluids, ECG monitoring, scaling and polishing of teeth, pain management as well as post-operative intensive care.  We also provide several optional pre-operative procedures that you can elect to have done for your animal.